Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plate of Shrimp

Ah, yes, another hydrant. One of the earliest ones. Just a pencil sketch of the hydrant you can see from the porch at the summer place. The same one as in that painting I posted a while back. And about a month back, while walking to the train, I came across this:

I grabbed my little traveling camera from my bag and took a couple shots. A worker came running up to me, telling me it was nothing interesting, they had shut off the water. I tried to tell him it was interesting to me, but finally just said "It looks cool." He gave me every indication that he thought I was a kook without actually speaking and walked away. Then I got this shot:

Fans of Repo Man will recall the plate of shrimp phenomenon. And really, this whole post was just to bring up Repo Man, which I loved but probably haven't seen since the 80s. I think I'll add it to my netflix queue.