Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sketched at the MFA in Boston. I don't even remember sketching it, although it was in with some other instrument sketches I had made one day a while back. I'm sure it was not meant to be a cartoon character. If Prosopagnosia is the term for the inability to recognize faces, what do we call it when we see faces everywhere? We're so wired for recognizing faces we see them where none exist.

So speaking of the cello, I heard a third-or-fourth-hand story about a Boston area cop who pulled over a famous cellist. Returning to his precinct office, he announced "What the hell kinda name is Yo-yo? Who names their kid yo-yo?" His fellow officers filled him in.

And speaking of Yo-Yo Ma, I've heard some criticism of the piece played at the inauguration (derivative of Copland, too simple, not classical enough, not Hollywood enough etc.) but I found it to be lovely.

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Sepiru Chris said...

What a very interesting insight, that we are wired for recognising faces. I am sure you are right; I had never thought of that before.

Hmm. Thanks!