Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chihuly Installation at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

I spent several hours exploring the exhibit, going from broad daylight to dusk to darkness. Really a stunning exhibit. Full sun:

For photos of entire pieces, see the exhibit description. I tend to be more interested in details or context-free compositions, yet I like the photo above because it's showing a detail of the piece, and yet the full context of the piece.

This one catches the desert light as the sun begins to drop toward the horizon.

This was all done with a little point-and-shoot auto-focus digital camera. No polarizing lenses, no star-effect lenses, nothin'. The light is really that spectacular.

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Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Lorie,

I agree, the light really is that spectacular as is the glass.

A friend of mine owns a gallery that represents Chihuly. They really are special pieces. And his installations, like the one at Monaco, are quite breath and eyecatching. I can only imagine what this one would have been like in the desert sun.

Well, imagine the whole and admire your pictures of parts of the installation.